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Do you own a store/studio and want to carry DerbySkinz products? 

We want to help our clients (you) grow their businesses, be successful, and look your best! So please never hesitate to ask questions. Once your DerbySkinz.com wholesale account is created, you will be able to shop directly from our website and see the wholesale prices. Also, as a DerbySkinz client, you also have access to our sister company, Twisted Sportswear (www.twistedsportswear.com). Through here anything is possible =-) I know "anything" is vague, but with all the processes we have available to us when it comes to apparel there aren't to many ideas we can't bring to life. 

Along with all of our great DerbySkinz athletic wear, we offer:

  • • Screen Printing: This is great for adding images to any apparel on medium to large orders. Prices vary depending on the complexity of the design including the amount of colors and the quantity ordered. 
  • • Heat Transferred Decals/Vinyl: Using a combination of heat pressed vinyl (available in flat/solid, glitter, and reflective materials) and full color decals, we can add images to a single garment. This is great for testing new designs, getting samples, and small orders. 
  • • Dye Sublimation: Through this process, your design is dyed directly into the fabric before it is sewn. This allows you to use every single inch of the garment to display you brand/message/image and allows you to create a one-of-a-kind look that nobody else has even seen.
Setup your Wholesale account by completing these 3 steps:
  1. • Download, complete, and email/fax to us the DerbySkinz Wholesale Inquiry form: DOWNLOAD
       Email: info@derbyskinz.com
       Fax: (717) 370-7430
  2. • Email/fax a copy of your US Federal Tax Registration (FEIN) or a Business Registration Document
  3. • Navigate to the My Account section of our website and setup your wholesaler account.
Once your form is approved (typically less then 24 hours) and your FEIN document has been received, we will email you to let you know that your DerbySkinz.com account is enabled for you to begin shopping with our Tier 1 wholesale pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Why do you need a copy of my Federal Tax Documentation (FEIN) /Business Registration Documentation?
A: For accounting purposes, we need to make sure you run a business and aren't simply looking at getting wholesale pricing for you and your friends.

Q: Do you drop ship?
A: Yes we do. The packing slip will not include any prices.

Q: Do you ship to me?
A: We ship world-wide, so yes we do.

Q: What is your minimum order amount?
A: We do not have minimum orders. If you need 1 item to make your clients look fabulous, you can order just 1 item.

Q: Can you add my logo/brand to fabric to help me create my own custom clothing?
A: Yes we can. We can also add your logo/brand to shorts, warm-up jackets, tote bags, stickers and beyond. Anything is possible.

Q: I have a customer who is looking for a custom design. Can you help?
A: Our motto is anything is possible =-) Get all the details from your customer and give us a call or email.

Q: I have an idea for a new design. If I share it with you, can I have the exclusive seller rights for the item?
A: Yes. We also do private label manufacturing if you want to  start your own line.

Q: Do you mind if I ask a lot of questions?
A: Customer service is only second to us offering awesome, quality products, so never hesitate to email, call or visit us:

Q: We are a screen printing company and are interested in carrying your jerseys. Do you think they will sell well?
A: Typically roller derby teams order jerseys at the beginning of their season, so you will have one big order and then possibly a small re-order the following season for new skaters. We suggest letting the team order the jerseys directly from us (that way you don't have to worry about sizing), and then have them bring them to you for printing.