Helmet Pantie Set - Reversible

Helmet Pantie Set - Reversible

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Our 2 color Helmet Pantie set (1 Jammer & 1 Pivot) is triple seamed to withstand the abuse your panties take during the excitement and passion of your bouts. Reversible panties include a matching star on the inside of the Jammer Pantie just in case your jammer puts the pantie on inside out (OOPS!!). She'll/He'll never lose points because the ref cant see her star.

The reversible option does not mean opposite color Pantie on the inside and is only available on solid colors (cannot be done to prints).

Our standard helmet panties are designed to fit a majority of the helmets brands worn today (as displayed in the picture). If you have an oversized/large or hockey helmet, you may want consider purchasing a Hockey Helmet Cover from our online selection.

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