Five 40 Roller Girls Home and Away Uniforms

Five 40 Roller Girls Home and Away Uniforms

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All Uniforms will be packaged and shipped together to the uniform coordinator for the team. When checking out, you can leave your own address in the Shipping field.

electing your Uniform size from our Sizing Chart (below):
Column 1 is your Uniform size.
Column 2 is your estimated Bust-Hip (fullest part bum included) measurement.
Column 3 is the actual size of your finished uniform jersey UNSTRETCHED. You will notice the adult size unstretched jersey is about 6-7 inches smaller than your actual measurements which gives you a snug fit. A 6-7 stretch is not very much, its about the same as a tee shirt. If you select a size that is the same or larger than your bust measurement your jersey may be too loose and may not be very flattering.

Adult Size

Skaters Measurements

Finished Garment Size


Skaters estimated bust and hip measurements

Bust and hip measurement of finished UN-STRETCHED* garment

4- 5

Bust 33/ Hip 36

Bust 27/ Hip 29

7- 8

Bust 35/ Hip 38

Bust 29/ Hip 31

9- 10

Bust 37/ Hip 40

Bust 30/ Hip 34

11- 12

Bust 39/ Hip 42

Bust 32/ Hip 35

13- 14

Bust 41/ Hip 44

Bust 34/ Hip 37.5

15- 16

Bust 43/ Hip 46

Bust 36/ Hip 39.5

18- 20

Bust 46/ Hip 49

Bust 39/ Hip 41

22- 24

Bust 50/ Hip 53

Bust 42/ Hip 45

*For the best fit, your uniform is designed to stretch-to-fit. Which means, we make uniforms about 6" to 7" smaller than the estimated bust and hip measurements. This does not apply to the mock mesh fabrics.

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