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FREE! 2 Sets of Matching Helmet Panties with team orders of 12 or more!

The prices and quantities below can be split into 2 different designs (Home and Away). Another way to think about that is a minimum order of 24 could be split across 12 Home and 12 Away jerseys.

  • Setup Fees: $0.00
  • Artwork Fees: $0.00 - As part of your order, we include 1 hour of artwork time to help finalize the details. As long as you provide us with a design and associated images in the correct file formats, there are no Artwork Fees. If any images need to be created/recreated, additional charges may be required.
  • Mock-up Fees: $0.00 - We won't begin creating mock-ups until we feel we have your idea captured. The first 2 mock-ups are free. If additional mock-ups are required, additional charges may be required.
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Reversible DyeSub Jersey