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Taco Catz In Space Sportz Bra

Taco Catz In Space Sportz Bra

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Designed for low and medium impact activity, the Horizontal Sports Bra has an extra layer of breathable fabric in the front to ensure you have the level of support you need! Functional, Fashionable and Comfortable! The Horizontalz Sports Bra features a sexy, open back with thin yet strong straps. The Horizontal Sports Bra can easily fill in for a bathing suit top, but was originally designed for Pole Fitness, Spinning, Cross-Training, and other similar low and medium impact sports! Completely Tagless. 

  • Fabric Description: Polyester/Spandex dye
  • Made in USA of imported fabric
Care Instructions: Hand wash separately in cold water with a mild detergent (e.g. Woolite), Hang or lay flat to dry, Ironing, if required, should be done rapidly using a low temperature setting and a pressing cloth (Spandex doesn't like heat!)

Bust Measurement
Cup 30"32"34"36"38"   40"
AXS  XS  S   M   M     L
BXS  XS  S   M   L     L
CS   S   M   M   L   XL
DS   M   M   M   L   XL
D+M   M   M   L   L   XL

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