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Disco Queen Collectionz
Valentines Day 1970: The birth of the now infamous underground movement now DISCO! And boy did this movement GLITTER. Relive the 70’s in your DZ Sequin Crop Bra and Hipster Leggings. Feel the music in every step, warm the smiles of all you meet. You’ll have FUN you’ll be FLIRTY, and Forever entrenched in the eyes and minds of your beholders.

Disco Queen Long Sleeve Crossback
Long Sleeve Crossback

Disco Queen Rosabellaz

Disco Queen High Waisted Leggingz
High Waisted Leggingz

Disco Queen Crop Top
Crop Top

Disco Queen Leggingz

Disco Queen Long Sleeve Skater Dress
Long Sleeve Skater Dress

Disco Queen Collectionz 2

Disco Queen Gold Leggingz
Gold Leggingz

Disco Queen Gold No Stringz
Gold No Stringz

Disco Queen Gold Crop Top
Gold Crop Top

Disco Queen Red Leggingz
Red Leggingz

Disco Queen Red No Stringz
Red No Stringz

Disco Queen Red Crop Top
Red Crop Top

Disco Queen Black Leggingz
Black Leggingz

Disco Queen Black No Stringz
Black No Stringz

Disco Queen Black Crop Top
Black Crop Top